Women's Golf Association


In Memory of




             Our Founder, Billie Goodman, was a strong, feisty woman who enjoyed family, friends, golf, bridge and driving her car right up to her passing on May 28, 2007 at the age of 89.  She was ahead of her time and a woman of great vision.  When Jaymie, her oldest grand daughter was 8, Billie put a club in her hands, watched her mimic Billie’s swing and as the story goes at that moment predicted her grandaughter would be an excellent golfer or golf professional.  She was right!  In 1988 Jaymie Zacco joined the LPGA Teaching and Professional Division  and today is a Class A member working towards her Masters in Casselberry, Florida. Jaymie attests to how much her grand- mother adored golf and the people who played it.  Billie recognized that golf was thriving in Palm Beach County in comparison to other places and had the foresight to start the Fore County Women’s Golf Association in 1978 for the golf enjoyment and competitive spirit of women past, present and into the future.  Jaymie wrote that she was quite sure Billie is looking down from the heavens happy as she was so proud of the strides women in Fore County have made throughout the past 41 seasons.





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